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Morris Material Handling offers a variety of light-duty cranes including workstation cranes, jib cranes, portable gantry cranes and wall console cranes. We even offer a line of explosion-proof jib cranes for hazardous working environments. Their design promotes easy installation and smooth, repetitive, robust lifting. Whether free-standing, ceiling, wall, or column mounted, we provide the power and flexibility to move material precisely to increase your productivity.

Additionally, Morris Material Handling offers load manipulators, including the AirBalancer and Vertical Lifter, which help employees quickly pick, lift, move and place items by hand, enhancing their productivity while reducing their risk for repetitive motion injuries.

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Workstation Cranes

The light crane systems can be configured to be free-standing or ceiling mounted and feature a pre-engineered modular design that can expand with your workload. Learn more

Jib Cranes

Our jib cranes are very easy to install, use, and even relocate in your work environment. Their standard capacity is up to 2 metric tons, so their application can adapt with changing needs. Learn more

Portable Gantry Cranes

Ideal for awkward applications like hard to budge cartons or machinery, providing the pinpoint accuracy, speed, durability and load control that is required in many industries and operations. Learn more

Wall Console Cranes

Ideal when space is limited; can be used individually or as an auxiliary for larger overhead and gantry cranes. Learn more


Through our renowned Training Institute, we are the leading trainer and certifier of overhead crane operators, inspectors and technicians...