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Morris Material Handling builds cranes, hoists, and material handling equipment to meet stringent industry and regulatory requirements for nuclear applications. Morris Material Handling maintains a 10CFR50 Appendix B Nuclear Quality Control Program and is a NUPIC audited and approved supplier for Nuclear Safety related equipment. P&H cranes are designed and manufactured with precise speed control and safety features that are designed to operate under the most demanding circumstances. Nuclear facilities prefer Morris Material Handling due to our reputation for superior performance, safety, critical load handling capabilities, and reliability under extreme conditions.

P&H cranes and material handling equipment are currently operating in the majority of the nuclear power plants in the United States and many locations throughout the world. Many of the material handling designs and concepts used in nuclear plants today were originally developed by our Morris Material Handling engineers. We provide a full range of site services and outage support, including work inside nuclear containment. P&H is an ISO-9001 registered company.

  • Supersafe™ Single Failure Proof Cranes Compliant with ASME NOG-1, NUREG 0554 & NUREG 0612
  • Nuclear Dry Cask Transporters
  • Polar Reactor and BWR Cranes
  • Missile Shield Cranes
  • Manipulator Cranes
  • Spent Fuel Handling Cranes
  • Radiation Waste Cranes
  • Containment Jib "Outage Support" Cranes
  • Nuclear Cask Handling Equipment
  • Nuclear Refueling and Fuel Handling Equipment
  • Equipment Upgrades & Modernization
  • Under Hook Attachments
  • Robotic/Remotely Operated Equipment
  • Site Services & Outage Support
  • Engineering Support
  • Extensive Experience working in Containment
  • Outage Support & Supervision
  • Modernizations
  • Engineering Evaluations and Equipment Feasibility Studies
  • Steam Generator & Reactor Head Lifting Equipment
  • Training & Inspections
  • Processes and Equipment to Reduce Outage Time
  • Custom "One-Of-A-Kind" Equipment

Memberships & Affiliations:

  • CMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association of America)
  • ASME B30 Committee (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  • ASME NOG-1 - Cranes for Nuclear Facilities
  • ASME B30.20 - Below the hook lifting equipment and BTH
  • NSC (National Safety Council)
  • HMI (Hoist Manufacturers Institute)
  • MHI (Material Handling Institute)
  • NCCCO (National Council for the Certification of Crane Operators)
  • ACRP (Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals)

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Through our renowned Training Institute, we are the leading trainer and certifier of overhead crane operators, inspectors and technicians...