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Morris Material Handling engineers hoists that are specially designed to handle loads in harsh or demanding environments. Our hoists are ISO 9001:2000 certified and registered by Underwriters Laboratories.

Hevi-Lift Trolley Hoist

  • 1 Ton through 40 Tons.
  • Engineered hoists to order and custom designed, Wall, Deck, Base, Monorail, Winch and Top Running Configurations. Applications range from Hot Metal Carrier, Tong Hoists, DC Control,Bucket Handling, Explosion-Proof and Hazardous Environments. Custom hoist designs are readily available.

Hevi-Lift Component Features

  • True vertical lift, with hook remaining centered under the drum is available.
  • Weston-type load brake for secure lowering.
  • Hoist gear train is AGMA class 8 for longer life.
  • Various control schemes available from single speed, two speed, wound-rotor variable speed with the top end patented P&H Smartorque® adjustable frequency control.
  • Adjustable geared limit switch for upper & lower limits and block actuated upper limit as standard.
  • DC Magnetic hoist brake for exceptional positioning.
  • Hoist motors are TENV Nema D class F with thermal protection.
  • Motor driven trolleys are heavy duty; enclosed gearing; with P&H patented full swivel suspension. Severe duty 4 wheel drive trolleys are also available.
  • All-steel drums.
  • Extra High Strength (6x37 IWRC) wire rope is standard.
  • Modular steel hoist frame.


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