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It's now possible to receive the same excellent quality and service that you get with your Genuine P&H Parts with parts for your entire crane inventory - no matter the make or model.

Access the Ultimate Crane Parts Source

800-727-8774 or gets you instant access to the crane industry's most complete parts warehouse. Powered by Morris Material Handling - the OEM manufacturer of P&H cranes, hoists and replacement parts - the extensive Morris parts depot is ready to supply virtually any part - for any crane - at any time.

There are many reasons to call 800-727-8774:

  • You need a reliable source for any part on any crane.
  • Your crane's manufacturer has gone out of business.
  • You want competitive pricing.
  • You need expedited delivery.
  • You want the convenience of one-call parts ordering.
Whatever the reason, Morris Material Handling has the experience, expertise and an inventory of quality components to deliver the crane parts you need when you need them.

All of our parts are all built in accordance with CMAA, HMI, ANSI B30, MHI, NEMA, AISE (AIST) and ASME specifications to ensure your part meets or exceeds the given ratings for your crane or hoist. From reverse engineering to manufacturing a part from a print, we are your full-service parts supplier for any part – for any crane. Examples of the types of cranes we supply parts for:

    • Overhead Cranes
    • Crawler Cranes
    • Floater Cranes
    • Gantry Cranes
    • Hot Metal Cranes
    • Jib Cranes
    • Mill Cranes
    • Portal Cranes
    • Refuse Cranes
    • Stacker Cranes
    • Single Girder
    • Tower Cranes

Sampling of just some of the types of parts we offer:

    • Axles
    • Bearings
    • Blocks
    • Drums
    • End Trucks
    • Gears
    • Gear Boxes
    • Housings
    • Motors
    • Pinions
    • Push-Button Controls
    • Retainers
    • Shafts
    • Sheaves
    • Wheels
    • Wire Rope
    • Any crane part...

Morris Material Handling is committed to keeping you up & running - and to protecting you and your workers - by providing parts for all your cranes at the same high quality standards and service that we use when supplying parts for your P&H equipment.

  • Safety - Our parts are designed and tested for performance & durability.
  • Fast Delivery - Vast inventories assure quick access to any part.
  • VIP/MVP Fulfillment - Quickly getting you back up & running following catastrophic failures.

When you call the Morris parts hotline at 800-727-8774 be sure to talk with your parts consultant about the level of fulfillment service that's right for you and your needs. 

Under the corporate ownership of Konecranes, we are the only Original Equipment Manufacturer and master distributor for the following 40+ crane brands:

Crane Pro Parts OEM Brands:

  • BCH Birmingham Crane & Hoist™
  • Birmingham Crane™
  • Browning™
  • Burlington Engineering™
  • Canadian Overhead Handling
  • CHECO™
  • Cleveland Tramrail®
  • CMH Carolina Material Handling™
  • Crane Manufacturing and Service (CMS)
  • CPH Chicago Material Handling™
  • Crane Hoist Engineering Co.™
  • CraneMann™
  • Duff Norton®
  • Dwight-Foote™
  • EMH®
  • EPH Eastern Material Handling™
  • Euclid™
  • F.T. Crowe & Co.™
  • Hevi-Lift® Cranes®
  • HPH
  • Houston Material Handling™
  • Kaverit Crane™
  • Konecranes®
  • Kranco™
  • Landel™
  • Louden®
  • Lypta™
  • MAN SWF Krantechnik®
  • Moffett Engineering, Inc.™ (Albany, CA)
  • Morris Material Handling®
  • MPH Crane™
  • Munck Canada Ltd.®
  • Munk®
  • Northern ™
  • P&H®
  • NPH Northern Material Handling™
  • OMH
  • Orley Meyer®
  • Overhead Crane Ltd.™
  • Philadelphia Tramrail™
  • Progressive®
  • Provincial™
  • SEECO™
  • Shepard Niles®
  • SPH Southern Crane™
  • Stewart Engineering & Equipment Co.™  
  • Stewart Wattley™
  • SWF Krantechnik®
  • WPH Western Material Handling

 Reverse Engineering - Saves money and reduces lead times

Morris Material Handling has the answer to critical parts issues with our Reverse Engineering Process (REP). With REP, any part can be manufactured for any brand of crane to meet or exceed the orginal specifications.

Reasons to use REP:

  • Pricing is out of control from the OEM.
  • Lead times from the OEM are too long.
  • Original drawings have been lost or destroyed.
  • Quality you're currently receiving from your local machine shop is a concern.
  • OEM is no longer is business.

REP delivers improved pricing, quality and lead times on parts for all brands of cranes!

REP begins with 1 of 3 options:

  1. Existing parts are sent into our facility to be reverse engineered by our skilled REP team.
  2. Parts are measured on-site and dimensions provided to be analyzed.
  3. Existing OEM drawings exist and are provided to be analyzed.  

Contact for more information or to begin the process.

We also offer OEM parts for the following brands:

  • Abell-Howe
  • Abus®
  • Acco®
  • Ace
  • Alliance
  • American Crane & Equipment
  • Andritz®
  • Budgit®
  • Chester
  • Cleveland Crane™
  • Cleveland Tramrail®
  • CM
  • Coffing®
  • ColumbusMcKinnon
  • Conco®
  • Crane America®
  • CraneMart™
  • Dearborn™
  • Demag®
  • Deshazo®
  • Detroit Hoists & Cranes
  • Dresser®
  • Ederer
  • Foley Material Handling
  • Gaffey
  • Gorbel®
  • Harnischfeger®
  • Harrington Hoists®
  • Heede
  • Illinois Crane
  • Ingersoll-Rand®
  • Konewood™
  • Larco
  • Lift-Tech™
  • Milwaukee Crane
  • Mondel
  • Morgan Alliance
  • Morgan Engineering
  • Morgan Material Handling
  • North American Industries
  • Progressive®
  • Reading
  • R&M Materials Handling®
  • Robbins & Myers®
  • Stahl®
  • Superior
  • TC/American Monorail®
  • Uesco
  • Virginia Crane®
  • Whiting®
  • Wright
  • Yale®
  • Zenar®
  • And more...

Need A Part Now – Try Our Expedited Services

We all know that there are times when "fast" parts fulfillment just isn't fast enough. That's why Morris Material Handling offers two levels of expedited parts delivery for your non-P&H cranes. Whether you're dealing with a catastrophic failure or simply a tight schedule, Morris Material Handling VIP and MVP expedited add-on services are available to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

VIP Expedited Service:

  • Available for manufactured and purchased parts.
  • Reduces the normal lead-time by 50%.
  • VIP Expedited Service fee is list price plus 25%.
  • Certain minimum charges may apply. Ask for details.

MVP Expedited Service:

  • Available for manufactured parts only.
  • Reduces the normal lead-time by 75%.
  • MVP Expedited Service fee is list price plus 50%.
  • Certain minimum charges may apply. Ask for details.

Please note that some restrictions may apply to certain VIP and MVP expedited service orders. Call 800-727-8774 to ask a Morris Material Handling customer service representative if VIP or MVP services are available on your order.

Customer Service Available 24/7/365

The only thing more stressful than a parts emergency is an after-hours parts emergency. With Morris Material Handling, there's no longer any reason to stress.

  • 800-727-8774 is open all day, any day, all year.
  • 24-hour access to a Morris Customer Service Representative, who will consult with you on your parts emergency.
  • Morris experts are on-call 24/7/365 with capabilities to research requests and analyze any situation.
  • No matter what time of day or night - our staff has the capability to take your request and begin the ordering process immediately. This helps push your request through our system without waiting until the next morning.

The Morris Material Handling comprehensive parts warehouse is also available after hours to process and ship emergency parts orders, sometimes even that very evening.

Worldwide Shipping

Morris Material Handling ship parts internationally and we have an in-house export specialist to insure all international orders are handled properly from beginning to end. Simply contact us through 800-727-8774 or, notify the customer service representative that you are an international customer and you will be assisted by our export specialist.