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Morris Material Handling recognizes the importance of repairing equipment with high-quality products. We are the original equipment manufacturer of genuine P&H® Parts. Only P&H® mechanical and electrical parts are built to meet the specifications for P&H equipment. P&H parts promise the lowest overall cost per lift over the life of your system. Morris Material Handling P&H parts maximize value.

In addition to manufacturing parts for your cranes and hoists, Morris Material Handling can ensure:

  • Qualified personnel are available twenty-four hours a day
  • Highly-skilled engineers deliver fresh, advanced technology, and equipment designs
  • Part stocking programs offer low prices, security, reduced downtime, and increased productivity
  • Partnerships create strategic advantages for our customers by increasing productivity, efficiency, while reducing maintenance cost
  • Modernizations and used parts are a cost-effective alternative to boost and maintain equipment

Parts Modernization

Times are tough. We're all trying to get the most mileage possible out of our equipment.

While it may be time for a new crane or hoist, the reality is that budgets might not allow the purchase of new equipment. There is an alternative: efficiently and cost-effectively modernize your existing equipment with the help of Morris Material Handling and 800-PARTS-PH.

Morris Material Handling has the expertise to retrofit older cranes - no matter the make or model - updating them to run more efficiently & at lower cost.

When cranes fail to meet your requirements, productivity suffers. Modernizing your crane can be an economic way to restore your fatigued equipment to peak performance.

Our staff of experts - who work with all brands of cranes - follow a four-step process:

    •   Analyze the requirements for a modification of your crane.

    •   Develop a modernization plan.

    •   Detail the necessary materials.

    •   Manufacture the required replacement parts, which we can install.

Worried that your crane is too old or the manufacturer has gone out of business? Don't worry. Morris Material Handling has an extensive library of drawings and the industry knowledge and expertise to manufacture parts for every make & model of crane, regardless of age.

3 Key Reasons to Modernize Your Crane

1 -  Improve performance

Our modernization program helps increase speeds, improve efficiency and reduce downtime in the future.

2 - Increase reliability and reduce maintenance

Through modernization we replace high-maintenance and/or obsolete components with new parts manufactured to today's tolerances and standards of performance.

3 - Increase safety

Older parts can be unreliable and are prone to failure, which can lead to injury or damage. Modernization enhances safety by replacing those parts with reliable new components.

Spare Parts Program Keeps You Going

While running lean or trimming parts inventories may appear to be a good short-term decision during these rough economic times, such a move can lead to much higher costs down the line.

At Morris Material Handling we are crane experts, and we can help you plan your parts inventory to control costs.  We offer a spare parts program for new and existing cranes that is designed to keep essential parts close at hand. When purchased in any of three recommended assortments, spares for new cranes offer cost savings over buying parts on an "as needed" basis.

Morris Material Handling can design a custom spare parts program to meet the needs of your equipment and budget.

Rebuild & Perform Like New at a Fraction of Cost

When it comes to budget cuts and belt tightening, its tempting to sacrifice performance for price. At P&H we're aware of that temptation. And that's exactly why we offer the industry's finest electrical crane motor rebuilds and rewinds.

You no longer have to choose between price and performance - with P&H you can have both.

Our motor rebuilds perform just like new electrical crane motors at a fraction of the cost.  And we do that while maintaining OEM integrity to ensure OE specifications and OE performance by using higher quality materials and quality craftsmanship.

In addition to being the leader in motor rebuilds, P&H is also the industry leader in motor rewinds. Here are just a few of the benefits of rewinding with P&H:

• Proprietary Wire - Heavy gauge fiberglass over enamel wire for improved varnish retention to withstand mechanical forces and provide higher heat resistance.

• High Efficiency Design - OE diamond shaped coils offer more efficient end turns than standard round-end turns (mush wound).

• Maximum Durability - Class H insulation increases temperature tolerances.

• Core Loss Testing - Eliminates core losses that lead to motor inefficiencies and higher operating temperatures.

• Craftsmanship - Rotor connectors are copper banded, TIG welded, taped and covered for optimal heat resistance.

• Quality Processes - Rotors and stators are dipped multiple times without solvent according to OE specs.

P&H is also the only source for rewinding and rebuilding P&H crane motors to their original equipment specifications.

Simply contact us through 800-PARTS-PH (800-727-8774) or for assistance with all of your parts needs.