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Did you know why Morris Material Handling can use the P&H™ logo but Konecranes cannot?

With the 2006 acquisition of Morris Material Handling, Konecranes became the rightful owner of the engineering drawings, manufacturing machines and general know-how that built the P&H™ brand of overhead crane dating back to 1884.

One small but significant asset could not and did not come along with the purchase – the black and yellow, boldly rectangular logo that is the P&H™ trademark. The P&H™ logo was never owned by Morris Material Handling, instead it was and continues to be used by Morris Material Handling under a license agreement. Today, Konecranes can provide a genuine and original P&H™ crane, hoist and replacement part, because we own all the stuff that makes up the crane. However, Konecranes can’t apply a P&H™ logo to a crane because Konecranes does not own or license use of the logo. Ownership of the P&H™ logo is in the hands of Harnischfeger Technologies Inc., to whom the P&H™ trademark is registered.

Meanwhile, Morris Material Handling is able to continue using the P&H™ trademark because its license agreement with Harnischfeger Technologies remains in effect. Unfortunately, the license agreement does not extend up the org chart to the parent company, Konecranes.

Confused? We can’t blame you. Please read this a couple of times or call our Communications group in Springfield, Ohio if you’d like more information. Not so strange a story in these complicated days of trademark law.

Konecranes is fully committed to supporting the P&H™ legacy:

  • Continued availability of the popular Hevi-Lift and CJ hoists. You can still get the exact same hoist, without the P&H™ logo.
  • Availability of Prescription Parts™ through Konecranes or Crane Pro Parts™, the parts supply organization of Konecranes in the United States.
  • The educational services of the Konecranes Training Institute (formerly the P&H™ Institute).


Through our renowned Training Institute, we are the leading trainer and certifier of overhead crane operators, inspectors and technicians...