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P&H Portal Crane Modifications

We work and train on all models.  Set up a no-cost inspection of your crane to fully review your crane's present status and potential for improvements.
See a P&H specialist for ideas!

  • Improve your crane's uptime and performance
  • Provide an ergonomically designed workplace
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Manage your inventory effectively
  • Train your operators and maintenance personnel

The following crane mods listed are available for existing portal cranes. Some mods may not apply to your crane. Contact Gary Otto for application details at 1.262.821.4020.

  1. New P&H ERGO-Cab with ergonomic and safety improvements.
  2. Complete trolley/cab replacement eliminating festoon w/radio data link.
  3. Operator's armchair and seat rotate assembly/new design joystick masters. Safety-laydown feature option. Slider base non-rotating design option with fixed consoles/ergonomic design.
  4. Cab aluminum window awning.
  5. Pin and hole wear mods to utilize bushings and grease fittings.
    • Horizontal links
    • Vertical links
    • Trucks/equalizers/sill beams
    • Leg ends/upper/lower
    • Diagonal Links (Patented)
  6. Elevator rebuild or replacement.
  7. Elevator power cable reel in lieu of slider bars. (roof mounted)
  8. All electric driven power cable reel and power step-down transformer.
  9. Sill beam replacements and protection brackets.
  10. Gantry drive trucks with the following:
    • Horizontal, foot mounted, coupled motor and brake for old style P&H drive trucks.
    • Coupled type packaged drives.
    • MCB bearing housings.
    • Increased height equalizers for additional stacking height.
  11. Vacuum reversing contactors for hoist and gantry (static stepless only).
  12. Trolley rail: Thermite welds/Gantrex clips/pad/larger size rail.
  13. P&H SBE self-adjusting D.C. or thruster type AC shoe brakes for all motions.
  14. Girder to leg fixed leg spider field repair procedure (for older Heede cranes).
  15. Trolley steering mod/trolley leg replacement.
  16. Color TV monitor system. Camera protection box with light & shock mount. Wireless option.
  17. P&H 60-Plus induction hardened gantry wheels for longer life.
  18. Cab to trolley support to reduce "bounce". Extended setback options
  19. Hoist cable/drum limit switch replacement for old whisker type limit switches.
  20. Electric incinerator toilet with enclosure, mounted on a gantry platform.
  21. Lightning protection package. Grounding/surge protection/arrestors.
  22. Maintenance hoist (I-beam, platforms, stainless steel wire rope, trolley drive).
  23. Stairways to replace ladders.
  24. PLC based PM diagnostic system with real time interface in cab & optional off-board monitoring through radio link.
  25. Rail cleaners.
  26. Jack stands and leg end jack pads for gantry wheel maintenance.
  27. Grapple maintenance stand/portable design for maximum utility.
  28. Hurricane tiedowns & wheel chocks.
  29. Overload limit system. Weigh readout in cab with alarm and shutdown.
  30. Weighing system for inventory management with accumulators, printer, or modem link to mill PC.
  31. Heavy Duty festoon trolleys and walk around festoon maintenance platform.
  32. Storm brakes with jacking feature for risk management and increased uptime.
  33. Hydraulic 100% speed trolley bumpers.
  34. Anti-sway reeving design improvements. P&H patented features available.
  35. All gears in oil bath in lieu of open lube gears for original P&H drive truck assemblies.
  36. New controls/AC and DC options. P&H Smartorque upgrades
  37. Control reliability enhancements: line and air core reactors, surge protection, fuses.
  38. New generation Care & Operation manuals. On-line access.
  39. Parts manuals. On line access.
  40. Control houses/enclosures/rear cab enclosures/protection from weather.
  41. Swivel type equalizers and saddles.
  42. PFV & compacted strand wire rope for longer rope life.
  43. Electroline dead ends and assembly kits (9/16" - 8Q53D6) (5/8" - 8Q53D7)
  44. Stair access from cab floor to cab roof/trolley deck in lieu of ladder.
  45. 100% speed hydraulic gantry bumpers.
  46. End zone auto-slowdown/stop protection.
  47. Spreader Flex (or equal) grapple power/control cable & cable basket.
  48. Emergency descent device with harness and attachment point.
  49. Thermite or Flash Butt welded crane rail joints.
  50. Grapple chains, bars and steel side doors.
  51. Drive truck and leg wire log guards.
  52. Lubrication systems/nested/auto.
  53. "P&H Super Motors" for cooler running in high duty cycle applications or special applications.
  54. Tie and ballast runway maintenance system. Maintenance rails/surveys.
  55. Structural inspection (recommended every 3-5 years).
  56. PM inspection programs. (mo./qtly/semi/annual)
  57. Component overhaul program/motor rewinds. Significant savings over new.
  58. P&H on-site schools
    • Maintenance (elec./mech.)
    • Basic Operator
    • Advanced Operator
    • PLC systems
  59. P&H/Morris Institute (Milwaukee, WI)
    • Maintenance Schools
    • Classroom
    • Lab/Trouble Shooting
  60. P&H/Morris turnkey installation/start-up for just about anything for your portal crane.

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